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Who We Are?

Sydney Small Goods is a 20+ years old company that has been providing premium high-quality meats to the Australian Halal Market.
Operating both in the retail market, and providing the wholesale market as a Halal provider, we deliver premium quality and well-priced Halal meat products to the Australian food industry, and because of our extensive Australia-wide customer base servicing the wholesale and retail food suppliers throughout greater Sydney. Our current wholesale production processes and standards of delivery means that we are capable of providing our customers a reliable, on-time deliveries of high quality meat all year round.
Whilst our company is highly focused on the wholesale businesses, we have an excellent understanding of the retail market requirements from our many years of experience and the well understanding of the retail market. This divergent experience gives us the ability to wholly understand the end-to-end requirements of the meat and meat products industry.
With our extensive experience and customer knowledge, Sydney Small Goods created a versatile range of products that can meet just about any client’s meat or meat product requirements.
Our ingredients used in the Halal meat production and Halal smallgoods are of the highest quality and meet all requirements of Australian Halal certification.

Our Vision

The aim of our company has always been to maintain a high profile within Sydney’s multicultural society. We work hard to ensure our brand names are associated with high quality, and names that our customers can trust.
We at Sydney Small Goods will continue to offer our customers the highest standards of products and strive to exceed our customer‘s expectations.